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"A New way to Swaddle: The formerly anxious father of a newborn took five years of testing to create Kepi, a spoon-like board with a built-in blanket that supports your tiny one’s head, neck and spine. That way, you can rest just a bit easier when shy siblings and nervous visitors hold an infant. Added plus: Should baby doze off, the Kepi Board can be used for sleeping as it optimally positions the body for good digestion and breathing"

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"For safe swaddling, Pamela suggests the Kozy Support Swaddle. She says this brand new product is the safest, smartest way to swaddle your baby. The patented Kozy Support Swaddle is the first-ever swaddling system to support and protect newborn's head, neck, and spine. Pamela says the Kozy allows friends and family, from the youngest to the oldest, to support and hold a baby without worry! It’s also portable – great for small space living, ideal to move from room to room!"

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"The Best Swaddle Blankets You Can’t Live Without... This take on swaddling offers head, back and neck support for your newborn, while her arms are held in place swaddle-style and her legs are free, so any caregiver (including grandparents and even siblings) can hold your baby safely and you can actually relax (at least for a bit). It’s for babies up to 15 pounds."

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"This is the smartest, safest swaddle you will ever see. The "spoon" protects the head, neck, and spine. The Dock is great because it helps prevent tipping"

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"A Mom of Four Says These Are the Things You Actually Need on Day 1 With Baby... There are lots of schools of thought when it comes to swaddling—personally, I’m a huge believer. All of my babies felt safe and secure when wrapped like a burrito…which meant they slept better! An anxious dad designed this swaddle system that has built-in board in the back of the swaddle that fully supports the baby’s head and neck. Meaning you’ll no longer be screaming, “Hold the baby’s neck!” across the room every time someone asks to snuggle your new bundle of joy. Bonus: It’s recognized by the Hip Dysplasia Institute as a “hip healthy” product."


"Hold On! Everyone from your BFF whose "not really a baby person" to your great-grandma to baby siblings can hold your most precious cargo with the new Kepi Kozy Kit. It takes the guess work out of swaddling with a 3-part system that supports a newborn's head, neck, and spine."

"The Kepi Kozy is great for those who may be a bit unsure about holding a newborn, or when a little sibling wishes to bond with baby brother but you want to ensure all safety measures are in place - this will do it and set your minds at ease. The Kozy swaddles baby securely and you can either hold them or place them into the dock when you need a place to lay them safely when you need your hands free but want them by you. So many situations this product can be helpful in, and one that offers a safe alternative to lying them flat on the blankie on the floor or always having to be upright in a seat. Lightweight, easy to use, easy to transport, easy to wipe clean. This device is one you will get a lot of daily use out of and will wonder how you did without it. Makes for a perfect gift for the new parents of their first (or 20th) child."

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 "The Kozy Support Swaddle is a revolutionary way to swaddle your baby. The three-piece kit includes the Kepi board, which supports your baby's neck, head, and spine, and promotes a well-rounded head, the Kepi dock, which improves digestion and sound sleep, and the Support Swaddle, which allows for healthy hip development. With so much more to offer your newborn than a typical swaddle, this clever product reduces anxiety for both babies and parents."

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"The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the Kozy Support Swaddle as a "hip-healthy" product. The IHDI recognizes that Kepi, Inc. has developed products that consider the importance of healthy hip development during infancy. This is especially important during the early stages of hip development in the first few months after birth. We wish to recognize specific products as "hip-healthy" to help educate the public."

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"The thing I loved most after trying out this 3-piece system, is that it freed up one of my hands, even during those long hours of gently swaying my son to a calm, restful state. I also liked that it gave me much more peace of mind when I handed him over to other people. And that fabric…whoa. So incredibly soft, like a favorite t-shirt with just the might amount of stretch. If you’re wondering, yes, the dock is essential; I asked the company. The dock is necessary if you’re using the system as intended with the spoon in the swaddle to support the head and if you’re putting your baby down, especially for nap or nighttime. If you don’t have the dock with you, they advise you remove the spoon from the swaddle before putting your baby down to sleep to prevent accidental tipping. Just know, this is one amazing swaddler with a ton of benefits, and a price to match. Especially considering you only get a few months out of it — it’s made for babies about 0–3 months and under 15 pounds, for use before they start rolling over. Though the complete starter kit does give you a discount."