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Steven Paperno

Father  |  Husband  |  Founder
         When Steven held his oldest child Cole in his arms for the very first time he was filled with many emotions -- pride, love, gratitude, to name a few -- but anxiety as well. He realized that this little baby was relying on him to support it safely. Remembering how the pediatrician stressed the critical importance of head and neck support for newborns, Steven placed his son’s head in the palm of his hand and laid the baby’s body above his forearm -- almost as if he had an Invisible board underneath his son.
          At that moment the Support Swaddle was born. Steven realized that a supportive 'spoon-like' board wrapped in soft, colorful swaddle would provide a newborn with just the support, safety, and comfort it needed. It would take the anxiety out of holding the baby for Steven and his wife Cortnee, and enhance the joy that holding a baby can bring. Steven was right: the Support Swaddle has been praised by countless parents for giving them a sense of ease around their infants, and calming their fears.


Years of research and development...

        After consulting with Pediatricians, OB/GYNs, Spinal-Surgeons, and Neuro-Surgeons on the design of the Support Swaddle, Steve and the Kepi team set out to create the revolutionary design you see today. 5 years of testing and tweaking led to the creation of a swaddle that takes into account all of the factors effecting a newborn.

 - The Kepi Spoon's patented design protects and supports your newborns head, neck, and spine. 

- The Kepi Newborn Support Swaddle's patented design promotes healthy hip growth by allowing natural leg movement.

- The Kepi Dock's elevated, anti-roll design promotes healthy ease of breathing - for a safe, calm, and comfortable sleep.

Together these three officially set the bar as the new standard in holding your newborn.